Denny Bond

An internationally recognized watercolorist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Denny Bond graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Communications. Bond utilizes his design background to combine elements in creating representational paintings that emphasize timeless quality, sometimes real, sometimes imagined.

Currently exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the world, Bond’s paintings are based within a contemporary culture, but fused by historical interplay. Bond’s paintings have been featured in The Art of Watercolour 2017, Splash 17, Watercolor Artist, February 2016, Watercolor Artist, February 2015, Artists Magazine, January 2014, Watercolor Artist, February 2013, The Art of Watercolour, March 2012, Watercolor Artist, October 2011, Watercolor Artist, February 2008, and American Artist, June 2007.


Kutztown University, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1974 

Signature Membership

  • National Watercolor Society
  • American Watercolor Society df
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, sgg
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society
  • Watercolor USA
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America

Recent Awards

  • American Watercolor Society 155th International Exhibition, Mario Cooper and Dale Meyers Medal Award
  • Academic Artists Association, Excellence in Watercolor Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2022 Mid Atlantic Watercolor Exhibition, Combined Merchandise Award
  • Berks Art Alliance 2022 Exhibition, 2nd Place
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Members Exhibition, 3rd Place
  • American Artists Professional League Members Exhibition, 1st Place Watercolors
  • Academic Artists Association National Exhibition, Excellence Award in Watercolor
  • Illinois Watercolor Society National Exhibition, Award of Excellence II
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society International, Founder’s Award
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 41st International Juried Exhibition, Jack Richeson & Chroma Award
  • American Artists Professional League 2020, Winsor Newton Award
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society International, Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award for Excellence
  • 91st American Artists Professional League, Newington Award, Best Painting in Show
  • 43rd Annual 2019 Transparent Watercolor Society Of America Exhibition, Irving Shapiro Founders Award
  • 2019 National Watercolor Society Member Exhibition, Lee Weller Award
  • 35th National Illinois Watercolor society Exhibition 2019, The Award of Excellence 1
  • American Watercolor Society 152nd International Exhibition 2019, Bud & Gretchen Marble Medal
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Member’s Exhibition, 3rd Place
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society Member’s Exhibition 2018, Merit Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society Slayton House Exhibition 2018, 1st Place
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2018 Mid Atlantic Watercolor Exhibition, Silver Medal
  • Illinois Watercolor Society 34th National Exhibition, Best of Show
  • Missouri Watercolor Society 2018 International, Daniel Smith Watercolor Award
  • Hudson Valley Art Association 2018, Joan Rudman Watercolor Award
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society 118th International Exhibition, BWS Award of Excellence
  • American Artists Professional League 90th Grand National Exhibition, Oehler Memorial Award
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society, PWCS Member’s Award
  • Transparent Watercolor Society, Donor Award
  • Transparent Watercolor Society, Phil Austin Founder’s Award
  • Watercolor USA 2017, Award of Excellence
  • Missouri Watercolor Society International 2017, Holbein Award
  • National Watercolor Society 2017 International Exhibition, Combined Donor’s Award
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Award
  • Berks Art Alliance, 1st Place Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2016 Mid Atlantic Exhibition, Art Award
  • Transparent Watercolor Society, Ralph Smith Memorial Award
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society Member Exhibition, 3rd Place
  • Fallbrook Art Center 7th Annual Signature Watermedia Exhibition, Griffiths Family Award
  • Art of State Pennsylvania, 1st Place, Painting
  • American Watercolor Society 148th International Exhibition, High Winds Medal Award
  • Signature American Watermedia Exhibition, Claiborn Family Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2015 Mid Atlantic Exhibition, Gold Medal
  • Pikes Peak Exhibition International Watermedia, Winsor Newton Award
  • Adirondacks 34th National Exhibition of American Watercolors, Garnet Award
  • Watercolor USA 2015 Exhibition, Honor Society Award of Excellence
  • National Watercolor Society 2015 Member Exhibition, 1st Place
  • Illinois Watercolor Society National Show 2015, Best of Show
  • Missouri Watercolor Society 2015 International Exhibition, Museum Aquarelle Award
  • Shenzhen Biennial Exhibition, China
  • Fallbrook Art Center 5th Annual Signature Watermedia Exhibition, Burton & Susan Dole Award
  • Watermedia Showcase 2014, Honorable Mention
  • Artist’s Magazine 30th Annual Competition, Finalist
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Member Show, Honorable Mention
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society Member Exhibition, Honorable Mention
  • Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2014 Mid Atlantic Exhibition, BWS Waterworks Silver Medal
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 35th International Exhibition, 4th Place
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society 114th International Exhibition, PWCS Award of Excellence
  • Faces and Figures National Exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Excellence Award, People’s Choice Award
  • Arc Salon, Finalist
  • Watercolor USA 2013, Greg G. Thielen Memorial Award
  • Springfield Museum of Art, Purchase Award, Permanent Collection
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America 37th National Exhibition, Dorothy Driehaus Mellin Award
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society 2013 Mid Atlantic Exhibition, Bronze Award
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Member Show, Achievement Award

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Magazine Publications

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Permanent Collections

  • Springfield Museum, Springfield IL

Private Collections

  • Works held in private collections in North America and Europe